Senin, 16 Januari 2012

Dua Dunia Petilasan Angling Darma

Today, The Two World (Dua Dunia) team are visiting haunted place where it supposed to be haunted by Angling Darma, one of the Indonesian Knight from the old kingdom of Malawapati. It said that he was burried here and the leftover of his magical power here can grant people wishes when asked by meditation. The Two World team wanted to proved that this tales are wrong and mislead the people which come here that they were woreshiping a Deamon/Djinn

1:31 - 1:51 <Muktar (the head village)> Said : Many people come here to ask for promotion, to be healed from their sickness, etc.
02:02 - 02:19 <Khoirul Huda (Head of Two World Spiritual Expert)> Said : He can felt the presence of many spiritual beeing (Djinn)
02:20 - 08:00 One of the Djinn are being pull to posses a medium(a man) that has been prepared so it can be asked question with. The Djinn said in summary this place are not burrial ground but once theres a well here build as place for Angling Darma to take a bath. In basic the Djinn doesn't like people wishing here to them, but some other Djinn are like to be woreship

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